Elevate Your Real Estate Listings With Professional Property Copywriting

Professional property copywriting

The world of real estate is getting faster and faster. It used to be that you could cobble together a few words and get your listing up in no time. In today’s real estate landscape, with professionally produced photography, videography, professional staging, and a growing emphasis on branding for individual agents, you can’t let your […]

Writing great content. Why it matters to your business.

Great content writing

Content is story and imagery that connects people with other people. When you are writing or producing content for your business, you are trying to connect with potential clients. Firstly, you want to attract them, and secondly you want to engage them. Content and SEO optimisation Search engine optimisation (SEO) essentially describes the mechanisms at […]

Is your social media page the bore of the party?

Don't make your social media page page the bore of the party

Social media is brilliant as an engagement tool.  We use social media pages to entertain and be entertained, to share ideas, to inform and learn and to engage with others. But a lot of businesses seem to lose sight of the “social” in social media because they forget what they’re really there for. We all […]

Why January is the best time to focus on marketing

January is the best time to focus on marketing

We’re fans of the concept that January is the best time to focus on marketing. Let me paint you the picture, Christmas is gone, the New Year and its multitude of resolutions is nearly over, and we don’t have to worry about any of it again for another 10 months when the madness happens all […]

How to make your business online presence work for you

Online presence - digital presence for small business

Online presence or digital presence simply describes how your business appears online. These phrases describe the sum of all the pages in which your business may appear as a result of a search. For example, you may have a website, social media page and a Yellow Pages listing. Essentially, any site that features your business forms […]