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Is your social media page the bore of the party?

Don't make your social media page page the bore of the party

Social media is brilliant as an engagement tool.  We use social media pages to entertain and be entertained, to share ideas, to inform and learn and to engage with others. But a lot of businesses seem to lose sight of the “social” in social media because they forget what they’re really there for.

We all know how powerful social media is to promote a business and grow followers, but have you given much thought about what your social media page looks like to those visiting?

How do you know if your social media pages is boring?

Imagine your business social media page as a guest at a party. How does it interact with the other guests? Does it ask questions? Does it share ideas and have a two-way conversation with its audience? Or does it simply go on and on, saying how great it is and, in the process, boring everyone stupid?

We’ve seen many a page that does the latter, and its owners wonder why their pages aren’t gaining any traction. So, when you’re planning your social media strategy, try and put some thought into who your audience is. Think about what they like and how best to connect with them. Start to gather information on the type of posts they like and respond to. After all the aim is to grow your business by building a loyal following of people who have no hesitation in recommending you, and in using your products or services.   

What to talk about

Here are some talking points for your social media page:

  • Share stories. Ideally amusing or awe-inspiring in some way
  • Share photos and videos that your customers would be interested in and likely to interact with (if you’re not sure, go back to thinking about who your customers are and what they like and don’t like)
  • Ask questions. You might ask for feedback or alternatively ask about additional products or services they think your business needs to offer
  • Build community by regularly responding to comments
  • Don’t forget to like and mention

We hope that has given you some idea on how to be a more engaging member of the social community. So if you would like more information on how to avoid making your social media page the bore of the party, talk to us today or book an appointment online.

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