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Writing great content. Why it matters to your business.

Great content writing

Content is story and imagery that connects people with other people. When you are writing or producing content for your business, you are trying to connect with potential clients. Firstly, you want to attract them, and secondly you want to engage them.

Content and SEO optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) essentially describes the mechanisms at play when a user searches for a keyphrase that will connect to a business.  For example, Joe the builder has written content that includes a keyphrase “builder in Newcastle” that he has peppered throughout the article, which means that a potential client looking for a “builder in Newcastle” will likely find his article in their search result.  But what happens next?

The difference between good content and great content

Joe the builder’s article was peppered with the keyphrase “builder in Newcastle” but he didn’t spent any time ensuring his article was readable and engaging. In other words, he didn’t think about his reader. 

If you’re a reader like me, you might start reading a book and lose interest part way through. It may have all the elements you thought you wanted in a story, but you can’t quite get into it and while reading, you are observing it from outside, critiquing the characters, questioning the plot. But a great book is one that sweeps you up and gathers you into the story, it charges you emotionally and mentally and takes you on a journey into another world.

If Joe had spent the time writing an engaging article about being a “builder in Newcastle”, it is more likely his audience will spend the time on his page, actually reading the article.  They might then want to discover more about Joe’s business. They’ll read his testimonials and see what services he provides and that could be enough for them to shortlist him as a potential builder.

Know your audience

In order to write engaging content, you need to get in tune with your audience. Ask yourself who you are talking to, what are their needs, their behaviours and list any defining characteristics you can think of. Once you know your reader well, you can address their needs with great content that they’d like to spend some time reading.   

The difference between plot and story

Plot is essentially what happened. Imagine you’re at a BBQ and someone is telling a story about a failed camping trip. They got there, it rained so much that they cut their trip short. That’s the plot.  A great storyteller will tell all the nuances of the story. They’ll go into detail about how full of anticipation they were when packing up to go camping. How little Jake lost the bag with the pegs and couldn’t remember where he’d put it. Then they’ll realise they left the pump at home and had to blow up the mattresses manually. They’ll describe how they persevered, only to experience very heavy rain and virtually float out of the tent on a flooding stream in the middle of the night. Now that’s a fun and memorable story.

So, be the storyteller when you are writing your content and make it easy for potential clients to engage with your business.

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